8th Year Without Him

050901 – 050909

Exactly today is the 8th year I have passed the time without my father. Yeah, he has come to Allah 8 years ago. He’s always in my heart, although he’s not beside me and not in this world anymore. Each soul has its given date, and your date has rushed along. I never forget that… 5th September 2001, I found everyone cried as I arrived home from school after getting permission for going home early because of something bad happened which my teachers didn’t tell me first at school. I couldn’t believe it, I was shocked and then the tears dropped from my eyes spontaneously. Father, I’m sorry for not being there when you breathed for the last.

Just a mother I have now. I love both them much, so do my sisters and brothers. Mother, oh I can’t say anything. She’s the best mother for me. Her sacrifices are uncountable and priceless. It’s impossible for me to pay that all with anything, but I will always try to do the best for her.

Father, I promise Insya Allah I will look after mother as much as I can. May Allah give the best place for you there, my beloved father. Aamiin.

Love you father, love you mother, love you all my family…

@050901: English quiz


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