Real Friends Vs. Cyber Friends

Don’t know what to post, but it’s just about my journey in cyberspace. And yes! It’s awesome, I could find new friends because of having the same interest. Then I could find my old friends, my school friends mostly, from my elementary school friends to my college friends.

I never think it might happen, finally it just happened. I feel so much happy to reconnect with my school friends. They have colored my life till now, how lucky I am for having met them and had them as my friends.

I’m sure about: “Friends will never end.”, when we get friends and then have to be separated, and someday we meet them again, they stay being our friends. NOT our ex-friends!

Actually my cyberspace journey was very long and complicated. Once, I got trouble with some new friends on it, ah! it was so annoying my life. Then I decided to go off for a while, but it didn’t help well.

I have accounts on some social networks such as Friendster (FS), Facebook (FB), Plurk and Twitter. First, in 2007 I made an account on FS but it didn’t survive for long time, then I moved to FB in mid of 2008. I thought FB better than FS, so I left FS and enjoyed socializing on FB. A crash from friends happened in quarter of 2009, war exploded on this social network. FB was just like a hell for me because it’s full of destroyer. Then I decided to get away, moved to Plurk and found only a few friends there. However, it was much better to extricate all of feelings and share anything without destroyer friends from FB.

Plurk wasn’t so bad, but time by time I felt it’s very quiet. I knew most of my FB friends moved on to Twitter, yet I tried to not interested to make account there. Finally I made! Around November 2009 officially I had account on Twitter till now. I ignored FS, FB and Plurk accounts. I almost never open them anymore, besides I forgot the passwords and have not been fascinated to use it, such deciding to resign 😛 . I just have one, the only one account that I want to use, on Twitter.

Once, one of my college friends asked me about my FB and I replied that I have one long time ago but I never use it. She begged permission to make the new one for me to stay connecting with our college friends, then I allowed her. Well, now I have account again on FB and start joining my college group.

Briefly, I found many college friends, some junior high school friends, and one senior high school friends on FB. Nowadays, I found my junior high school friends and joined their group indeed. On twitter, I keep in touch with many new friends from my formerly FB, some college friends, and also some senior high school friends. That’s all.

Actually I have been lazy to use FB anymore, however mostly friends on it are my friends in my real life 🙂 .

I don’t know what people mean for having hundreds even thousands friends on social networks such as FB, that’s amazing like very social people because of having many friends. The truth? Thousand friends are just popularity indicator, meaningless or whatever. I’m sure that from thousands, there are only some friends whom the people contact or stalk frequently. What about the rest? Meaningless… Zero… Even though many of the rest are their real friends too, old school friends as well as college/office friends. How can you ignore your friend easily? I really don’t know what the purpose of mostly people using FB, does it just happen in Indonesia? I have no idea. Therefore, I agree with a statement from one of my followings on twitter: “RT @auroramanda: Seiring dengan pesatnya perkembangan teknologi,komunikasi jadi makin lancar..tapi makna komunikasi itu sendiri makin hilang ☹”, hmm… What about you? Do you agree too?


I’d like to say Happy Eid Al-Fitr 1432H for all my friends worldwide wherever you are, hopefully our relationship isn’t like cyberspace relationship only. I apologize for any mistakes. Cheers. Let’s start from zero 😉 .


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