Assalamu’alaikum world,

Firstly i wanna say thanks to Allah Ta’ala for His blessing given to me anytime n’ anywhere. Praise n’ thanks just be to Allah. Shalawat n’ Salam are always poured down to Rasulullah, Prophet Muhammad Shalallahu ‘alaihi wasalam.

Beginning my story to write here, i wanna say thanks (again) to my mother, almarhum father (may Allah give kindness there, aamiin), sisters n’ brothers. Love u all my family.

Thanks also intended to my friends, especially to my  little bestfriend, Iffa (and her family), wherever she is. Thanks to my friends in cyber world, especially Shivers, Shilla & her family :).

Thanks to my teachers for the knowledge.

Thanks to all persons taking part in my life. Love u all much, coz without u all nothing me now.

Wish we all can catch our desires n’ Allah always bless our steps, aamiin.


Jakarta, July 2009


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